“Right now, we are facing a man-made disaster of global scale. Our greatest threat in thousands of years. Climate change. If we don’t take action, the collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.”
– Sir David Attenborough December 2018

It is the aim of Thermo Stat Down to promote MMGW (man made global warming) awareness and solutions which save people LOTS of money and improve life in general. Our logo is the Cool Earth – just look at her large ice-caps and sunglasses! Let’s try and keep her that way. Please share our facebook page (top left of screen). Thermo Stat Down is a nonprofit organisation and this is a secure, encrypted website.




The Platinum Rule

Consume the rare, consume the excellent. Over consumption is probably the leading cause of MMGW. Approaching consumption from a different angle, where quality is prioritised over quantity, can go a long way toward remedying this. For example, one could choose to eat out once a month, but in a very fine restaurant, or only take a foreign holiday once every three years (air travel is VERY polluting), but travel first class, stay in a five star hotel and consume the finest of the rest.

Turn your central heating down

By a degree or two. For each degree Celsius the thermostat is turned down by, it is estimated that the average household would safe around £75. Wearing warm clothes indoors or thermal undergarments makes this easily achievable for most. The heating of homes currently emits immense quantities of greenhouse gasses and so targeting that aspect of modern life is a good idea. There are several other ways to reduce the need for household heating, such as dressing warmly, but knocking a degree or two off the thermostat is very simple to implement.

Use a time-lock safe

Much over consumption is due to impulse, spur of the moment decisions, which many people regret in the morning! Time-lock safes are now available, such as the kSafe, for well under £100. Locking away cash and credit cards once the day’s planned purchases are made until the next morning, or even for a few hours, removes the temptation to impulse buy. That £100 purchase will be repaid many many times over in savings for most.

Keep a spending log

Writing down daily expenditures in a simple word document makes a surprising difference to how consumption is viewed. For one thing, spending (consuming) less than the day/week/month before gives a “buzz” – and without maintaining a spending log this simply isn’t possible. Before long savings start to grow exponentially, especially when used together with a time lock safe

Becoming an Investor in this project

It is the aim of Thermo Stat Down to promote MMGW awareness and solutions, which is desirable. Contributing to our cause gives us more power to our elbow, and so will give the donator a  “Warm Glow” at knowing they’re helping out. Also, investing in us will strengthen the tips and advice we provide in the donators mind, as they’ve made an actual financial investment, and should therefore help the investor save more money still.


Politicians are of course in a unique position of power when it comes to tackling MMGW, and it is important to use our vote and influence in such a way as to vote in the right policies. It might be just one vote, and it might be just one personal carbon footprint, but everybody can help and encourage participation.

The majority of excessive consumption is done by the very rich, especially the “1%” – many of whom fly by jet several times a week, for example. Right wing political parties usually support boundless economic growth and also unregulated free markets – such economic thinking is basically THE main reason for the current climate emergency. Right wing parties promote greedy excessive polluting materialism as a way of life, in general. When will they realise that we in the West live in luxury, by any reasonable definition, surrounded by technological conveniences, eating whatever we like etc etc etc. 

The current mainstream wing party in the UK is, of course, the Conservative party and all readers are urged to support, and at election time vote tactically for the Tory’s strongest opposition in terms of popularity, in any given constituency, to try and keep the Conservatives from power. The Labour party also will include a pilot version of the Means Adjusted Universal Basic Income (MAUBI) in their next manifesto, which promises to reduce the need for unnecessary polluting economic activity drastically.

Extinction Rebellion (XR) are an important protest movement, key to influencing responsible government behaviour regarding MMGW. Thermo Stat Down fully supports XR. 1 vote, 1 carbon footprint, 1 XR.


Some religious people have a very bad attitude toward MMGW, basically thinking that their God(s) will take care of the problem. For one thing they may be incorrect in thinking their God exists at all, and the following document, which can be applied to any religion, not just Christianity, illustrates why people should act decisively even if God does exist.

Global Warming and Christianity

“Approximately eighteen months ago a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses knocked on my door: one woman in her twenties and one man in his forties. We engaged in a conversation which flipped around for a while and then I said, roughly: “one of my problems with some people’s take on Christianity is that they tend to dismiss science a lot of the time. A good example of this is denying the reality of man-made global warming, about which the scientific community is pretty well unanimous. These so called Christians then make no attempt to help with that problem.” The male Jehovah’s Witness then replied: “That’s the beauty of it: we haven’t got to worry about that kind of thing because God will take care of it!”

The same attitude exists across all denominations of Christianity to some extent, as seen most clearly in the US Republican Party’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change Accord. Incidentally, the USA is the only country in the world to have withdrawn from that treaty. Donald Trump and his party are, of course, overwhelmingly deeply Christian, Christian in name anyway, even reinstating weekly Bible study groups in the White House for the President and his senior staff for the first time since the colonial era. Protestant Christianity is the dominant Christian flavour in the US, not Jehovah’s Witness.

I believe these so called Christians, who sit idly by smiling at the sky without a care in the world thinking they can just recline and relax in God’s arms, are in error. What disappointing creatures we would be to God if we didn’t try to do right by our fellow humans and, indeed, animals and the planet as a whole. I think it’s pretty obvious how Jesus would lead by example on this issue, as with any other, tirelessly and selflessly labouring to alleviate the suffering of others and basically attempting to improve the situation in general. Who could possibly say that Jesus was lazy. 99.9% of the time we know the right thing to do without even having to think, as the Holy Spirit guides us, and that guidance need be followed at all times unless we are to be burdened with feelings of guilt and remorse, let alone any divine retribution which may strike like lightning if we do not follow the moral compass.

Man-made climate change, also known as anthropogenic global warming (AGW for short), is one of the two most terrifyingly powerful threats to the wellbeing of mankind according to the late great Professor Stephen Hawking, as he wrote shortly before his passing. Personally, a part of me would like to own a car and fly around visiting foreign countries, but the carbon emissions from such transport methods just don’t sit well with me. Jet air plane travel, which dumps huge amounts of emissions straight into the upper atmosphere is particularly damaging, as my university environmental economics professor taught us.

The carbon emissions resulting from the manufacturing processes necessary in order to make cars and planes in the first place are also very substantial and damaging. I am an agnostic although I see many very fine and praiseworthy things in Christianity. There is no reason to think that agnostics and atheists are the only people who should act to counter the spectre of man-made climate change however. In fact, nothing could or should be further from the truth if the example of Jesus is followed accurately as decent Christians know him.”

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